Three years ago, I had a frozen shoulder. I suffered pain in my shoulder and back for so many months. I had cortisone injections that didn’t help me until I finally when to an Osteopath who gave me a different treatment that worked on me. He asked me to make an appointment with a physiotherapist and I did. It helped me a little bit but not enough to go back to my normal activities. I decided then to go to Eliza at the gym where I used to go to. I didn’t know what a Physiologist was until I went to her. She explained to me that the program she created for me would help me to strength the muscles in my shoulder and back.

I started with a weight program carrying just 0.5kg and now I am able to carry 12.5kg. I truly feel like another person, not only because my pain is nearly gone, but it gave me the opportunity to discover how good it feels to exercise and the advantages, not only physically, but emotionally that exercise brings to the body. I was scared to do any exercise, but trusting Eliza, who made me feel confident and safe, I was able to overcome my own fears.

Eliza is a professional who I trust 100%.  She takes the time to explain your program and she makes sure you do it correctly. I have referred many of my friends to her because I am confident of her professionalism. All my friends are extremely happy with their own programs.

An Exercise Physiologist will help anyone who is recovering from an injury and I would tell anyone about their work.

Thank you, Eliza, for your care and professionalism.

Granil, 51yo – Frozen shoulder