I first contacted Eliza to see if she could help me with my neck pain and headaches. I was routinely seeing the Osteopath, which would give me some relief for a few days, but then my pain would return. Eliza analysed my posture and highlighted some muscle imbalances and tight spots which may have been contributing to my headaches. She corrected my exercise program to target the areas which were weak and also taught me how to use the foam roller and spikey ball to massage the tight spots on my own. Four months on and I can’t remember the last time I had a headache. I feel much stronger in my posture and I am thankful for how Exercise Physiology was able to help me.

I would recommend Exercise Physiology not only to people with injuries, but anyone who would like to improve their posture and wellbeing.

Laura, 67yo – Neck pain & headaches