I am delighted to provide this testimonial for Eliza and her practice.

I first contact Eliza in 2013.  I had suffered from chronic neck issues for a number of years.  I regularly consulted an osteopath and had manipulation of my cervical spine on a very regular basis to alleviate my symptoms of pain and headaches.

I had never worked out in a gym before and had no experience of how to use the various machines and equipment available to me.  Eliza worked calmly and patiently with me to steadily improve my strength and flexibility with particular attention to the way I did the exercises – her focus was not about “how many” or “how heavy” but about doing things correctly first, before adding weight or repetitions.  This meant that I learnt how to do the exercises properly for when I was doing them alone.  Eliza taught me how to “turn on” the correct muscles and relax those that I had been overloading, thus causing many of my neck issues.  I became much stronger, improved my posture and strengthened my core muscles.  As a direct consequence of the work with Eliza, whilst I still visit an osteopath, the average time between the need for manipulation is now around 6-9 months rather than 3-4 weekly.  I almost never get a neck cause headache now.

In August 2014 I had a total knee replacement.  In the 3-4 months prior to this surgery, Eliza worked with me in a “prehab” role to help me prepare for the surgery.  Again, she focused on making sure I was doing things properly and giving me the confidence and knowledge to continue to work on my preparation for surgery while I was away on an eight week holiday.  She also worked with me following my immediate rehabilitation post surgery.  Again, the outcomes have been excellent with my knee being strong and functional.

I cannot recommend Eliza highly enough for anyone requiring assistance with musculoskeletal or other health issues.  I had tried many different practitioners of different types to assist me but there is no doubt that it was Eliza’s work with me that made the difference.  I have watched Eliza dealing with some elderly people with very limited mobility and have been impressed with her compassion and support.

Chris, 58yo – Chronic headaches & knee replacement