2013 – Super morbidly obese at 140 kg on 4ft 9” height. Diabetic and on medication, clinical depression on medication, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, sleep apnoea with CPAP treatment, chronic digestive problems with chronic pain. No physical fitness, endurance, or strength. Used a mobility scooter and needed personal assistance. Very poor quality of life and participation.

2017 – 103 kg, lost 37 kg. No longer diabetic. No longer clinically depressed. Fatty liver enzymes have come right down to almost normal. Cholesterol in normal range. Sleep apnoea resolved. Chronic digestive pains resolved. No longer use mobility scooter and I can do everything for myself again. Quality of life and participation has greatly improved. Easily walk 10,000 steps per day, every day. I now have visibly defined and toned muscles.

Since early 2000 I have utilised several different Exercise Physiologist’s however none of them were able to help me achieve the results I have gained with Eliza. I highly recommend everyone to use an EP of Eliza’s calibre to gain the benefits they desire.

Anna, 53yo – Diabetes, Sleep Apnoea, Obesity