I came into the gym as a complete beginner, having done little more than treadmill jogging and occasional cycling. My fitness was OK, but I needed strength training. Eliza started me out on the basic machines and has guided me through the various different exercises, mainly focusing on upper body strength. The specific talent that Eliza has demonstrated as an exercise physiologist that sets her apart from a personal trainer is the correlation between the different muscle groups and how the different exercise machines actually work together to strengthen complementary muscles. She combines different exercise styles, customised for my individual capabilities, to develop the specific areas I needed.  Her manner is extremely compassionate, deeply understanding and insightful as she gives tips on how to improve posture, form and technique to derive the maximum benefit of the exercises. This enables her to inspire and motivate her clients. Eliza has kept detailed records of my exercises throughout the journey and gradually increased the intensity of the workout regime in line with my physical progress and development. Overall Eliza has been an extremely professional and competent exercise physiologist and I look forward to working out under her guidance for many years to come.

Greg, 43yo – Fitness