I’ve recently turned 50 and being an ongoing patient of Eliza has been literally lifesaving for me. I have been seeing Eliza since June 2014, after an acute, back spasm, in my lower back incapacitated me and I needed help to continue improving my back health.

Generally I am fit, however I have poor flexibility due to the fact that I have chronic, ongoing genetic/skeletal issues with my neck, lower back, hips and knees, with a bit of arthritis and Eliza, with the use of any scans/MRI’s/x-rays or feedback from the Physio sets me programs to assist with my recovery.

The reason I started seeing an Exercise Physiologist was due to the fact that the Physio had “got me to a point”, but I required an ongoing movement/program set for me. Eliza was based at my Gym and this enabled me to continue attending the gym, keeping strong and as flexible as possible.

More recently we have discovered my rotator cuffs have been quite affected, triggered by recent gardening, the scans also showed I have spurs, which aggravated my recovery. I’m nearly at the point of finishing with the Physio and will follow up with a new program with my “Exercise Physiologist” (Eliza) to continue my recovery, knowing that she always adjusts exercises to accommodate my body/joint health issues and help continue to keep me as active as possible.

Karen, 50yo – chronic joint pain