I couldn’t walk without severe pinching pain. I took loads of Voltaren to help reduce pain, but nothing really worked. I then went to AAMI Park Sports Medicine and saw a Sports Physician – I was then diagnosed with SIJ Pain. I then started a plan with one of their physios to fix the problem.  After much frustration and a sheer fluke of a phone call one evening calling my gym, I was recommended to see Eliza, Accredited Exercise Physiologist. After my first consultation with Eliza, I knew this person would help me, give me the tools and programs to fix this issue, to beat this, and to hopefully one day return to what I loved most – running.

I worked slowly with floor exercises developing glute and core strength. Eliza identified other issues within my upper and lower back that no one had previously picked up.  I admit it was tedious…at times I went crazy, but I was seeing improvement, my pain was manageable and slowly fading. Over the course of 12-18months, I slowly built strength, building up to heavy weights on the gym floor – squats, lunges, deadlifts, strengthening my upper and lower back, which were also contributing to my issues.

Without Eliza’s help and guidance, I would not be where I am today.  I was back to running after 12 months, I now understand my body and how it works in relation to exercise, the importance of resistance exercise and why we should be doing weights and I am 100% fully rehabilitated.

Eliza taught me how to push past certain levels of pain to actually gain a positive outcome and achieve the results I wanted.  Eliza’s knowledge is mind-blowing.  I have seen so many varying therapists over the years, not just for SIJ issues, but other pain related problems. Eliza is the only person I will ever trust or seek advice from.  In my opinion, Physio’s have limited knowledge and limited techniques to treat conditions like this.  Progression is slow and not targeted enough.

She is smart beyond belief, but practical. She will not just focus on the specific area of pain, but the entire body and what is going on to create the pain.

Jane, 39yo – SI joint pain/dysfunction